May 2, 2018

About Me

Hi, my name is Kaiwen Teoh but you can just call me Kalvin. I’m a second-year student who is currently studying Statistical Computing and Operations Research at University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Perak, Malaysia. I don’t cook but I do like carbonara spaghetti, ikan bakar, almond dessert, and many more.


This blog is about statistics, operations research, data analysis and its visualization while using mainly R, and a little bit of my life.

The main reason for creating this website is to enhance my learning experience through technology. I admit I’m one of the victims who learnt a lot of theories but never knowing how to make actual use of them, be it mathematical ones or life philosophies. This inspired me to create my very own website so I can share what I’ve learnt here and at the same time use it as my personal documentation notepad.

This static site is powered by Hugo using Minimal theme which deployed on Netlify. You can always find my fun on post menu and 博客 is my mandarin blog since 2015 which consists of my random thoughts, emotions in my life.


You can always reach me by email, facebook and my R code, Markdown files will be available on my github. Feel free to leave relevant comments and any suggestions will be much appreciated and welcomed.

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